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Where are you located?

We are in Woodridge NY, on Rosmond Road. We are on the grounds of Camp Silver Lake.

What ages does Chaverimboyz cater to?

We have from Kita Aleph (6 years old, age of Chumash Seudah) until Kita Ches, 12 years old.

Is there transportation?

There is transportation from a variety of Colonies. On the registration page you’ll see a list of the colonies we bus in kids from. If your colony is not listed, contact Rabbi Kohn to find out if we can accommodate your colony.

Is there lunch for the campers?

Unfortunately we don’t yet have a lunch program. As in the past years, campers bring sandwiches, and we all eat together in the lunchroom. We have fridges and hot water (under supervision) for soups etc.

What are the hours?

The buses pick up starting around 9:15. The morning program is from 10-1 (with a recess at 11:30-12) and lunch is from 1-1:30. The afternoon program is from 1:30 – 5. On Thursday we end at 4 pm, and the buses pick the campers up again for a night activity from 8-10!
Fridays and Sundays we end at 12:45, with no afternoon program.

What does it cost?

Full summer 1599. Half a summer 899.

Do I pay at one time or can I pay in installments?

There are two options. You can pay at once or in three installments.